Industry Ready Intensive


We offer a contemporary curriculum to introduce you to the real world, 2022 Floristry Industry and business marketplace. Providing you candid, on-the-job training to empower you foundations skills and mentor you to a commercial beginner lever to enter the Floristry industry with “the basics” under your belt.

You may wish to enter the Floristry industry at a mature age or simply want to pursue your passion/hobby more in a mature, detail focused environment. We pride ourselves on ensuring our Industry Ready students achieve their own goals and outcomes, preparing to enter the workforce with a basic skill set of Commercial Floristry, and a passion to continue learning. You’ll be confident entering the workforce, whilst continuing on-the-job training.

Many students have achieved great success in gaining work within the industry and also in their own successful businesses. We of course encourage our students to always continue learning and offer follow on courses/classes from this course.

This course is ideal for beginners, with no previous experience, ready to start at complete novice level. Any previous experience will only enhance your personal outcome.

This course is ideal for Regional or Interstate Students who would be unable to complete our standard Industry Ready Course, across its normal time frame.

Full Course outline/learning programs available below.

Available dates:
Block 3 – Wednesday 14/06/2023 – Friday 16/06/2023
Block 1 – Wednesday 26/07/2023 – Friday 28/07/2023
Block 2 – Wednesday 23/08/2023 – Friday 25/08/2023
These blocks can be completed in any order, however, all 3 blocks must be completed for a certificate to be issued.

Cost: $1,320 per student, per block. This includes all materials (fresh flowers, sundries, tuition, digital notes).
Payment (per block): $320 non-refundable Deposit and $1,000 paid on first day of training or Paid in-full at time of booking.
Location: Matthew Landers Academy
Time: Each class runs from 10am-4pm, each day of the 3 day block.
Lecturer: All lecturers on rotation

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