What should I bring with me?
We recommend you bring a note book, pen and fully charged smartphone/camera. Please note video cameras or any other recording devices are not permitted, however, we’d love you to take as many photos as you like.

How long are the classes?
Each class will vary between 2 – 8 hours. Please check the course description for the duration of your specific class(es).

What is provided at the school?
Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided in our kitchenette.  Students are also provided with all tools and equipment necessary to use during the class.

Are classes taught in English?
English is the main language used in classes, although we have a diverse mix of nationalities who attend.

Do I get to keep the flowers?
All of the flowers you work with on your own designs are yours to keep. Classes that act in a group activity (such as The Big Sh*t), remain at the Academy.​

How many students are in each class?
The average class consists of 12-16 (Perth), 8-10 (Adelaide) students. Our maximum capacity is 24 (Perth), 12 (Adelaide), however your course description will advise the maximum for that class/course.
Please note that the above capacities are temporarily affected due to COVID-19 safety measures, please see individual class listings for current capacity.

I have no experience with Floristry, what is the best class for me?
Our One off classes, Master Class and Flora Botanica Courses are a great start for a new hobby or creative interest. You can complete either course with absolutely no experience. The Industry Ready course also has no pre-requisite for prior experience. To ensure you learn the most in our Industry Ready Course, we start at the very beginning.

Is the Industry Ready Course Nationally Recognised?
No. We are a private training provider and have developed our own curriculum, based on the National Training Package. The Floristry Industry is unregulated and doesn’t require ‘certificates’. You require skills and extensive experience to become successful. Your skills, speed and autonomy will set you apart from others. You can seek to obtain Skills Recognition from an RTO, demonstrating the skills learned during this course, as past students have.​

Do I get a certificate at the end of my course?
We will provide every student who completes the Industry Ready Course(es) and Advanced Courses with a Certificate of completion. All one-off classes will not receive a Certificate unless specified.

If I miss a class, will I be able to attend another?
Please refer to our Cancellation & Refund Policy below.

Would I be able to open a Florist Shop after completing the 5 Lesson Flora Botanica Course?
No. This is a basic hobby course, designed for complete beginners. This course doesn’t allow for teaching the in depth knowledge and the extensive practical experience that would be required to undertake such a commitment.
(Flora Botanica Course only available in Perth Academy)