• Join International Award-Winning Florist Matthew Landers for a glorious 4-hour workshop to develop, inspire and reignite yourself ahead of the busy 2022 wedding, spring and festive season.

    We’ll commence the workshop focussed on learning how to develop a successful client pitch. The pitch will be focussed on trends, design, colour and how to exceed expectations and deliver to your capabilities. Building a successful client pitch is a crucial part of business in 2022 and moving forward, you’re ensuring yourself of your employer enjoy long-standing, repeat clients.

    Over the course of the workshop, you’ll realise your vision and create your own Tablescape design. Using a unique colour palette, you’ll step outside of your comfort zone and develop adaptability to client needs and design exploration. Mixed mediums to be used to create the overall design to ensure development on your technical skills and speed.

    This workshop is designed to invigorate and motivate you professionally. Developing your technical skills along with a refreshing approach on client interactions and how to stand out from the crowd.

    This course is ideal for those with intermediate/advanced experience. If you’re an eager beginner who loves a challenge, you’re welcome to join us.

    Available date:
    Saturday 6th August 2022, 8am-12pm

    Cost: $330 per student, for the complete workshop. This includes all materials (fresh flowers, sundries and accessories).

    Location: Canberra Institute of Technology, Bruce ACT 2617

    $330.00 Enrol Now
  • Join celebrated, International Award-Winning Australian florist and brand maverick, Matthew Landers. Whether you’re just starting out on your own journey or looking for some fresh business inspiration, Matthew Landers is delighted to share his expert knowledge to empower you and achieve your branding goals.

    This workshop is a completely safe and professional space for you to come and empower yourself with exceptional “tried and tested” expert advice, along with a strong sense of community for those businesses within close proximity to each other.

    You’ll be guided through 12 steps to complete a checklist for your own personal and/or business success. Comprehensive support documents will also be provided for future reference and to keep you on track, moving forward.

    Create a clear and relatable plan for yourself to assist you to build the business of your dreams or develop yourself into a personality others will be flocking to see. With simple steps, achievable outcomes and no bullsh*t advice.

    Available date:
    Saturday 6th August 2022, 1pm-5pm

    Cost: $275 per student, for the complete workshop. This includes comprehensive support materials, following the seminar.

    Location: Canberra Institute of Technology, Bruce ACT 2617

    $275.00 Enrol Now